Under The Weather

PowEp021 - Under the Weather

To be 'under the weather' - to be unwell or low in spirits.



Hello and welcome to the Sunshine & PowerCuts podcast, my name is Heather and I am your host.

This podcast features two types of episodes which alternate.

Sunshine ones offer inspiration drawn from nature, and the PowerCut episodes like this one are where I share insights into my life living off the power grid.

Embark on a journey [em]powered by nature.


Notes from this episode:

International Podcast Day 2018 - Livestream Guest Spot Replay Celebrating Connections: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEWoSCw7d6s

You can find the details of my Guest Spot here: https://internationalpodcastday.com/speakers/heather-welch/
Use #InternationalPodcastDay on social media to follow the conversations.
Listen to: Bonus Episode 02 - International Podcast Day 2017

The Bonus Episode for $5+ Patrons featuring details of 'Off Grid from the Valley Neighbours' will be available on Patreon.com/SunshineAndPowerCuts

New Purchase: Four LED Light Bulbs - 14 watts, 1400 lumens.

Large gas bottle refilled - looking forward to it lasting

She Shears Film: https://www.sheshears.com/

Golden Shears Competition: https://www.goldenshears.co.nz/

Emily Prokop: 
Story Behind Podcast: http://thestorybehindpodcast.com/
Story Behind Book: https://www.amazon.com/Story-Behind-Extraordinary-History-Ordinary/dp/1633538281/
Emily's Guest Spot on Home Gadget Geeks with Jim Collison: https://theaverageguy.tv/2018/10/19/emily-prokop-and-her-new-the-story-behind-book-hgg375/

My guest spot on Home Gadget Geeks talking about off-grid from January 2018: https://theaverageguy.tv/2018/01/13/off-grid-living-with-heather-welch-from-sunshine-powercuts-podcast-hgg341/

Thank you so much to Angry Ducky for becoming a Patron of Sunshine & PowerCuts on Patreon!


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