Bonus Episode 01 - Gratitude

Thank You!

A lot of amazing things have happened recently, and I am so grateful!

Here are the links to the supportive people and podcasts I mention in this episode:

Jilanne Holder: Website:  Facebook group: Business Mum Community - Facebook Group Twitter: @jilanneholder Instagram: @jilanneholder

Carrie Green & Jo Milmine - Podcast Bundle - Female Entrepreneur Association Members Club

Bandrew Scott: Podcastage YouTube Channel BandrewSays Podcast Facebook: Twitter: @BandrewSays

Better Podcasting: Better Podcasting Website Facebook: Twitter: @BetterPod

Emily Prokop: The Story Behind Podcast Facebook:  Facebook Group: The Story Behind Discussion Group Twitter: @StoryBehindPod Instagram: @storybehindpod

Lady Pod Squad: Facebook: Lady Pod Squad Discussion Group Twitter: @LadyPodSquad Use #LadyPodSquad to search for other Lady Pod Squad Members on Social Media

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