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SunEp006 - Perspective This episode draws on Day 6 of the 7 Days of Sunshine Challenge Series. The topic for this episode is Perspective. We look at w...View Details

Persistence Off-Grid

PowEp005 - Persistence Persistence Off-Grid. PowerCut Episode 005 is a flow on from Sunshine Episode 005. However, we interrupt the episode to bring y...View Details


SunEp005 - Persistence Persistence. By Nature. The fifth sunshine episode draws on Day 5 of the 7 Days of Sunshine Challenge Series. Look for examples...View Details

Bonus 03 - World Mental Health Day 2017 10 October - World Mental Health Day 2017 For more information from the World Health Organisation Mental Healt...View Details

Backup Generators

PowEp004 - Backup Generators "What does the power say?" Welcome to the 4th PowerCut Episode where I share insights into our experiences with Backup Ge...View Details


SunEp004 - Unplugged We are half way through the 7 Days of Sunshine Challenge. For this 4th Sunshine Episode, the theme is "Unplugged" This episode is...View Details

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